OC OpenConsulting is a consulting company specializing in creation of multimedia tools for spreading know-how and supporting sales and production through online training courses (E-learning). With OC Lab, the laboratory located within the Business Incubator Center of Trentino Sviluppo SpA has expanded the range of services offered with new highly innovative projects: HOW-TO Teleservice and QuVi Hologhraphy Projector.

OC actively participates in development of open source applications, and thanks to its large-scale customers, it is able to offer solutions based on truly international experiences.

The OC TEAM itself is made up of different nationalities, and has for years been involved in the drafting of intercultural competence training for large organizations, helping to break down cultural barriers, often a major obstacle to improving competence and team building.

OC has collaborated with some of the most prestigious European Universities such as Cologne, Regensburg and Bologna.
OC is the ILIAS Italian partner of the German association born for the development of the open source ILIAS e-learning platform.


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