Polls to analyze data by means of statistics


ILIAS LMS contains various features to carry out surveys and ask questions to its users
– Named or anonymous polls
– Different types of questions: registered, ordinary, multiple-choice tables, open-ended questions
– Question-based games to generate themes
– Online data and results processing
– CSV and Excel export of survey results

1. Taking part in a Survey
Polls in ILIAS offer the following possibilities as prospects for participants:
Anonymous: poll participants can be anonymous, so that the answers may not be attributed to every single participant.
Upon Invitation: the author of the poll can invite a user, therefore the poll will show up directly on the user’s Personal Desktop.
Evaluation: after processing the survey you can view the results, provided that the author has allowed it.

2. Starting a Poll
Polls to which you have been signed up for can be viewed in your Personal Desktop, where it is also reported if you have already started or completed it.
On the first page of the poll, you can see a “Start Poll” button (and possibly an introductory text, if available). Click on it to start the questions.
If you want to know the rules of the poll in advance, click on the “Show More Information” button.
Below the button, a table that provides information on the survey will appear.
In this page, you can learn:
– If the poll is anonymous.
– If you have access to the poll results.

3. Proceeding with the questions
Proceeding in a survey means answering the questions based on the possibilities, and then clicking on “Next”. On the page with the last question, the “Finish Poll” button will appear.
⚠ Depending on the survey settings, some questions may be mandatory. In this case, you can proceed with the next question only after giving an answer.
During a survey, you can:
Go back to the previous question using the “Previous” button;
Interrupt the survey;
Check the questions that have already been answered through the percentage on the status bar.
After clicking on “Finish Poll”, ILIAS asks for a confirmation before sending the answers, after which you will no longer be able to change them. So if you are confident, click on “Confirm”.
ILIAS then displays the final page of the survey, where you can:
View your answers;
Send your answers to an e-mail address:
To do this, enter any e-mail address in the designated field. By default, ILIAS displays your own e-mail address taken from your registration on the platform.


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