ILIAS LMS allows you to create Wikis, that is, collections of hypertext documents that are updated by their users and whose content is developed collectively by all those who have access to them.
The ILIAS Wiki feature allows its users to add, edit, or delete content.

There are two types of views in an ILIAS Wiki:

1. Reader
From the point of view of the reader, ILIAS offers three options:
“Page” displays the page in the ILIAS frame.
“Print View” only shows the content of the page.
“What links here?” provides a list of pages in the Wiki object containing links to the currently-displayed page.

2. Author
From an author’s point of view, too, pages of a Wiki offer three options:
“Edit” provides tools to edit the contents of a page.
“Clipboard” contains all the media objects saved by an author, which can be reused.
“History” allows you to control the changes made in a particular page, and these can be undone and/or brought back to an earlier version.

Wiki Navigation:
Wiki navigation allows you to surf through the pages. The navigation block contains by default only the Wiki home page. The Wiki administrator can insert multiple pages into the list.
Search Function:
An active search function for all Wiki pages.

Editing a Wiki page:
The editing mode of a Wiki page provides tools to add and edit contents.
Below is a list of the contents that can be included in the pages:
Text (also using formats like headline, mnemonic, example, etc.)
Links to (external) websites connected to text or images
(Internal) links to other objects in ILIAS connected to text or images
Multimedia objects compatible with web browsers (images, movies, audio files)
Downloadable files
Google Maps
Programming code
Structured items such as lists and tables
Mathematical formulas (with LaTex support)



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